FTP Library Package 1.2 for Tcl/Tk Manual Pages

FTP::Reget  remote  ?local?
The FTP::Reget command has the same behavior as FTP::Get, except that if local file local exists and is smallerthan remote file remote, the local file is presumed to be a partially transferred copy of teh remote file and the transfer is continued from the apparent point of failure. This command is useful when transferring very large files over networks that tend to drop connections.

If the file was successfully transferred, then the command returns 1, if it fails 0.

# retrieve a large file name (12 MByte)
FTP::Get foo.tar

.... after 1 hour and 11.9 transfered MBytes the connection is broken :-(

# restart file transfer at the broken position and
# retrieve only the remaining 0.1 MByte
FTP::Reget foo.tar

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