CHANGES for ftp_lib V1.2

1.2 (04/99)
- added new FTP command FTP::Append to append local files to
  remote files
- added TkCon support to make FTP::List inside TkCon more readable    
- in some strange cases ftp_lib overlaps the state machine,
  to prevent this the state handler disables fileevents on 
  control socket a the beginning and enables it again at the end
  (this failure comes with an earlier release of tkcon, it 
  is only a debugging feature now and commented)
- store the example files in a separatly directory 

1.12 (02/99)
- Disabled remote Abort command, it doesn't work
- insert an internal CloseDataConn command instaed of Abort
- Get/Reget: create local file only if the remote file really
- fix major bug for passive mode that ftp_lib blocks in every cases
  if file or directory doesn't exist at the remote machine,
  THANKS to Brian Lalo <> for his
- added current namespace prefix to InitDataConn procedure

1.11 (01/99)
- changed return values of the FTP::Quote command, sent back the
  string it received instead of any parsing 
  THANKS Keith Vetter <> for his patch
- improved buffer mechanism in StateHandler, buffer represents 
  the whole received data
- VERBOSE variable controlled output now will be handled by the
  package not by the application
- new online HTML help files are available under the directory docs

1.1 (11/98)
- ftp_lib now can also operate in the passive data transfer mode,
  added "PASV" ability for every command that uses data connection.
- improved procedure return codes for a better error handling
- restore correct type after switching to ascii mode in FTP::List and
- insert a hook for using a graphical progress bar that shows the
  elapsed time
- added new command FTP::FileSize which gets the file size of the
  file on the remote machine
- FTP::Newer now is able to compare the modification date of a 
  remote file with the date of any local file 
- enabled DEBUG variable displays in additional the real FTP commands  
  (old VERBOSE feature)
- signification of the VERBOSE variable is changed, if enabled it shows
  the responses from the remote server
- allows to call FTP::Cd without any parameter 
- include some examples in ftp_lib distribution
1.02 (05/98)
- fixed a little bug in FTP::Open that makes it not possible to use
  this procedure in a proc (upvar #0 ..)

1.01 (03/98)
- Non-Blocking I/O of the control channel doesn't work on Windows,
  changed to block the I/O channel

1.0 (03/98)
- complete redesign to handle timeouts after specified amount of 
- added new FTP command FTP::Quote for sending verbatim commands
  to the FTP server
  THANKS to Ron Zajac <> for inspiration

0.9 (02/98)
- uses only the highest-order digit of the 3-digit reply code for
  switching in procedure StateHandler
- added new FTP command FTP::ModTime to show the last 
  modification time of a file on the remote machine.
  THANKS to Bill Thorson <>
  for the patch
- added new FTP command FTP::Newer to get remote file only
  if it is newer than local file
- DEBUG flag
- VERBOSE flag
- added two options for FTP::Open command:
        -timeout seconds, sets up timeout
        -blocksize size, writes "size" bytes at once
- procedure DisplayMsg now is provided to display in different colors

0.84 (02/98)
- FTP commands now runs only if control connection is available
- changed ls-output, removed "total"-line and blank lines from
  the list

0.83 (02/98)
- changed the FTP::NList command to query data of empty directories
- added new FTP command FTP::Reget to skip over big files after
  broken file transfer
  THANKS to Paulo da Silva <> for help
- specially interpretation of the 421 reply code ("Service
  not available, closing control connection"), it is necessary
  for reget
0.82 (12/97)
- added current namespace prefix to CopyNext procedure,
  because of ftp_lib doesn't work correctly with tlc/tk8.0p2
0.81 (08/97)
- replaced tkwait with vwait, this allows only to use
  tcl shell for FTP library

0.8 (07/97)
- redesigned to support namespace
- added simple installation program
- modified to support the tcl package specification

0.7 (06/97)
- changed to tcl/tk version 8.0
- used the new fcopy command to transfer binary data

0.6 (02/97)
- bugfix: close data socket after every data transfer
- added the rename command

0.5 (02/97)
- bugfixes
- added directory manipulation commands

0.4 (02/97)
- changed to tcl7.6/tk4.2
- added put/get commands

0.1 - 0.3 (01/97)
- ???

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©Steffen Traeger
created: 04/25/99